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Attention To Tourism Community As TUREB, we are worried about unfriendly matters which can be resulted from tension between Russia and Ukraine during their holiday in our country. We would like to share some approved suggestions so as to prevent potential problems.

Happy 23rd April National Sovereignty And Childrens Day

Do Not Cut Back On The Guidage Declared As Net Pay

Legal, Financial, Social Security Institution (SSI) Consultancy Service Consultancy services will be provided for our colleagues. We will offer consultancy services on legal, financial, social security institution for our collegues in the case of need. You can contact with us via e-mail or written document. Also, your case will be followed in the event of human right violations.

Aplications For 2014 Employment Card As you know, the foundation of new chambers and union were completed after the law number 6326 was put into force. According to the law and regulation, the aplications for 2014 ??Employment Card?? will start in the month of November and finish by the end of the month in accordance with the responsibilities of the chambers and union.

Information To The Chambers? Members Of Union Of Tourist Guides? Chambers (TUREB)

For The Attention Of Regional Guides (06.06.2013)

Base Pay For Tourist Guiding and Obligatory Agreement (22 October 2013) According to the Tourist Guiding Law numbber 6326 issued in 22 June 2012 and relevant regulation, it is obligatory that agency and tourist guide should sign an agreement for every tour from now on.