Academic Cooperation Protocol was signed in the field of education between the Rector of Dokuz Eylül University Prof. Dr. Adnan Kasman and Alper Akin, the President of the Living Cities Platform which is the first step of the Living Cities Project, on 20 July 2017

Our President A. Zeki Apalı and TUREB inspector Olgun Yüksel visited Trabzon Provincial Culture and Tourism Director İsmail Hocaoğlu in his office on 24.07.2017. In the meeting, Rize's development in tourism,

Our President A. Zeki Apalı and TUREB inspector Olgun Yüksel visited Trabzon Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ali Ayvazoğlu in his office on 24.07.2017. In the visit we extended our thanks to Ali Ayvazoğlu,

The Representatives Assembly Meeting held by Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) on July 13, 2017 at GürKent Hotel with the participation of the chairmen and representatives of the tourist guide professional chambers.

Culture Tourism Summit was held in Adıyaman on 07.07.2017 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Governorship of Adıyaman and İpekyolu Development Agency (İKA) in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of recording the Nemrut Mountain UNESCO World Heritage List.

Happy Ramadan Feast

Feast is a breeze in the hearts and the warmest hello to share peace. Happy Ramadan Feast, wish you all the best...

Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are our valuable wealth who always make us feel safe, empowering us with their presence... They are protecting us from making mistakes, light of our way, nice hearted people. They are the first person to hold our hand when we come to the world, introduce us to life and love, protector, appropriative and the pillar of our home that always empower with their support.

The first evaluator board training workshop was held in Ankara on 09.06.2017 for the Accreditation Agency which is also supported by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in order to establish a standard in guidance trainings of the universities supported by the Association of Tourism Academicians (TUADER) and other stakeholders, in order to look at the competence of the academic staff to attend the classes, follow the course and application contents.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited Kerem Dursun Tezcan, Vice President of Tourism Education Department of the General Directorate of Research and Education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited Mahmut Süreyya Karaoğlu, the Deputy Mayor of Salihli at his office, on May 24, 2017. Our President Zeki Apalı informed Karaoğlu about the Great Offensive Cycling Tour organized by our Union with the purpose of celebrating the Great Offensive and Victory held between August 26 and September 9, 1922,

A working meeting was held on 23.05.2017 in İzmir in order to make Efes Archaeological Site and Ephesus Museum accessible for visually and hearing impaired people, in association with İzmir Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate and TUREB.

President of the Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) Ahmet Zeki Apalı emphasized that such tours should be arranged by a travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, stating that leaving domestic tourism to inexperienced, uncontrolled people is an invitation to accident.

Happy May 19th

May 19, 1919 is a major turning point for the Turkish nation. Because May 19, 1919, after the First World War on days when our land was occupied by foreigners, this is the date when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk went to Samsun with Bandırma Steamboat in search of a solution.

Tourism professionals who are preparing to organize a big Turkey festival in Moscow, the capital of Russia, explained the organization they will hold at the press conference held in Istanbul.

Happy Mother’s Day

The most mysterious event of nature starts with birth and the first person to be met is the mother. She grows up with her love, care, kindly touching hands, lullabies, smiles. And with her child, mother's obligations increase and grow.