The opening of the Travel Turkey İzmir Fair and Congress, which was organized with the care of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the cooperation of İZFAŞ and TURSAB and with the hosting of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality between 6 and 8 December 2018

It is our duty to encourage our disabled brothers and sisters, to give them a helping hand, to make an effort to remove the disabvilities in our brains and minds, to support them while solving their problems and to stand by them in all steps to make their lives easier.

Happy Teachers’ Day

Teachers are privates of the future. They are the lightining of our future and they make the future bright. A teacher is also a mother, a father, a friend and a sibling. They listen us when we have trouble, they accept us as who we are, and they don’t judge us. Teacher firstly teaches the student to be honorable and work for the humanity.

In the care of Bursa Governorship, with the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, together with tourism NGOs, 3rd Bursa Tourism Summit and 1st Bursa Tourism Fair which were organized by Network Fair and Merinos AKKM opened on 18 October 2018

GOURMET 2018 Diyarbakır Food and Local Tastes Fair which was prepared with the supports of TÜYAP, Diyarbakır Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Diyarbakır Commodity Exchange Market,

Great leader Ataturk is one of the rare leaders in the world, who worked for his nation through his life. He raised our country to the contemporary civilizations level with the revolutions he made within his life. We must first know Ataturk, then understand and tell what he did for our country and Turkish nation. Ataturk worked so hard and left us very tired. We must follow his steps as his children.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited Adana Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Sabri Tari in his office with Adana Chamber of Regional Tourist Guides (ADRO) President and Board Members Apalı passed his gratitude to Tari for his efforts on Adana Museum mosaic section, festival organization, the increase of Beirut-Adana flight count and enabling offices for ADRO in suitable locations in the museum.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited Gaziantep Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism – Guide Mehmet Bülent Öztürk in his office. Apalı passed his gratitude to Öztürk whose efforts of the publicity of Gaziantep

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism - Guide Aydın Aslan in his office. During the visit, the processes to be carried out within the scope of the guidance law, common projects and the contribution of the two institutions’ collaboration to the tourism were emphasized.

Happy Republic Day

Republic is the regime where the control is in thands of the nation. Republic is the contemporary civilization road Ataturk draw. It is freedom, it is the way of becoming human. It is an essencial for being Turkish and the base of the governance.

The Tourism Advisory Board (TİK) which was formed to form the union of forces between the components of tourism sector and to form synergy, held its fourth meeting in İstanbul on 11 October 2018.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı participated in the “Yesterday and Today of Guidance and Recent Developments” conference which was organized by Ankara University Beypazarı Vocational School of Higher Education on 10 October 2018 as a speaker.

International “Heritage Tourism Beyond Borders and Civilizations” tourism conference is being carried out by Anadolu University to raise awareness towards natural and cultural tourism attractions of our country, especially Eskisehir, and to introduce the tourism offers in Eskisehir to local and foreign tourism stakeholders, to create new collaboration opportunities.

Our President Ahmet Zeki Apalı visited the President of the Chamber Şevket Katırcıoğlu in Niğde where he went as an invitee of Niğde Chamber of Commerce on 05 October 2018.

Everyone, especially the government must discharge the responsibilities they have for the improvement of tourism. This is a must for the tourism which is a young and developing sector in our country, to reach the level we want in a short period of time. Turkey will overcome the obstacle it faces in tourism sector. In this sense, in order for the improvement acceleration we caught in the sector not to be lost, the obstacles faced must be handled holistically and our priorities must be re-determined.