Due to the change in the program of the Minister, TUREB-TURSAB Cooperation Protocol, which was planned to be signed on 04 June 2018, is postponed to a further date. The date will be announced when determined.

With the participation of The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Numan Kurtulmus, a protocol on publicity organizations, improvement of museums and archeological sites and bringing tourism to a higher level in the country will be signed between our association and TURSAB on 04 June 2018.

Prepared by Turkish Travel Agencies Association, Bilir Tourism and Consultancy Inc., Abelya Tourism Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd., Ark Consultancy, Tourism Translation Construction Press Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd., and Bukla Tourism and Trade Ltd. And our union, and effectuated by being promulgated on 26.12.2014 and with number 29217:

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali, Board member Esmeray Akar and one of our legal advisors, attorney Emrah Genc carried out a meeting with the presences of TURSAB board chairperson Firuz Baglikaya, Board Member M. Nezih Hacialioglu and Coordination and Marketing Group Head Levent Demirel.

Happy 19 May

The date of 19 May, on which Ataturk left Istanbul with Bandırma Ferry, arrived to Samsun, is very important because of being the date on which our War of Independence has started.

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali, paid a visit to Artvin on 17-18 May 2018 with the initiatives of Artvin Chamber of Industry and Commerce in accordance with 2023 strategic plans of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Tourism Advisory Council Meeting was held in Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center Dolmabahce Hall on 14 May 2018, as a result of the negotiations that realized after Tourism Advisory Council (TİK) protocol which was signed under cover of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to establish the coalition and create synergy among the components of tourism sector.

Our president A. Zeki Apalı visited undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Omer Arisoy on 15 May 2018. Views have been exchanged on projects which will be carried out with the partnership of the Ministry, precautions regarding the issues faced during auditions and training programs during the visit.

Happy Mother’s Day

We all know very well that one day in a year is neither enough to remember a mother, nor love and respect presentations can retribute a lifetime. For each child who found life from hers; let alone a lifetime, even one day is unthinkable without her. Even they are not in our lives, they live with and for us in our hearts and minds.

In Perga ancient city, ‘2018 Perga Year’ opening program was held on 10 May 2018. Antalya Governor Munir Karaloglu, who participated in the program which also included the ‘Hello Summer’ event, via video conference from Gaziantep where he went to take part in Election Region Security Meeting stated that they had a ‘magnificent start’ to year 2018 in tourism.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism came together with nine professional associations representing the tourism industry and established the Tourism advisory council (TİK). The protocol realising TİK was signed at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center with the ceremony held on April 27, 2018 under the leadership of Minister Numan Kurtulmuş.

The democratic and peaceful attitude that our workers and laborers who have a significant share in the progress of our country and the rise of the level of prosperity will show when seeking for their rights is of great importance in terms of the development of our democracy.

President A. Zeki Apalı made a Good Luck Visit to Kamil Özer in his office who was appointed to the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. During the visit, joint work to be carried out in Ankara, walking routes, the creation of excursion programs and collaborations with sector representatives were discussed.

Artvin Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seçkin Kurt, Parliament Speaker Irfan Yıldırım, Vice Presidents Okan Gültekin and Sedat Ali Ökdem, Delegate of the General Assembly Bayram Özcan, businessman Ufuk Saraç and photo artist Süleyman İnal visited our president A. Zeki Apalı in his office. During the visit, joint efforts to improve Artvin province and increase tourism potential were discussed.

The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has declared April 23, 1920, when the first Parliament was opened, as our Children's Day at the same time, and our great leader once again showed his unique leadership on the world scale. Founded ninety-eight years ago, our young Republic has settled in all its institutions and rules in spite of many difficulties during this period and the Turkish nation has absorbed Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, the basic principles Republic.