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Tureb And Türsab Find Common Solutions To Problems

A collaboration protocol has been signed in İstanbul between our Union and TURSAB for the aims of notifying the relevant units for taking necessary measures related to the problems in the touristic areas of the museums and historical sites and routes tourist guides use which are connected to the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, auditions to be made with the complete participation of TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TURSAB and TUREB, production of  new projects to contribute to the improvement of tourism, acting together within the context of new developments, enabling effective and continuous collaboration within the frame of determined principles on 04 September 2018.

The Digital Platform which is prepared with the partnership of TUREB and TÜRSAB to prevent the actions of guides and agencies with fake/no certifications, will enable both sides to carry out their agreement processes online and the agreements to be protected under the guarantee of ‘Online Agreement’ by communicating the tour listings of TURSAB registered travel agencies to the guides who are authorized, know the foreign language and are registered to our Union within the needed region.   Our Guides will be able to enter for the Digital Platform from Guide Informatioın System (RBS). The Platform will take the role of building the bridge between travel agencies who organize tours and our guides trough the needs of the technological era, while contributing to the solutions of the problems such as pirate agencies and guides. 

Besides, within the scope of the protocol, our guides can send e-mails to the address rehber@tureb.org.tr which was opened by our Union in order to detect the problems and needs experienced on issues such as notification of necessary units to take necessary precautions regarding the issues faced in touristic areas, museums and ruins connected to TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism which are in the routes our guides take, notification of necessary units to take necessary precautions regarding the issues related to improvement and protection of museums, maintenance and renovations of cultural and natural properties and  presentation of  common solutions to the problems faced due to our country being one of the leading countries in tourism regarding its geographical structure, historical and natural beauties and climate conditions, and in order to move this position to further levels.

Announcement for our interested guides.