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Applications For Foreign Languages Placement And Language Addition Examinations

“Foreign Languages Placement Examination”; as required in (r) article of item 3 with the title of Profession Regulation which is prepared as a requirement of Tourist Guidance Profession Law number 6326, towards the students and graduates of Guidance Department, and “Language Addition Examination” as a requirement of article 18 with the title of Language Addition Examination towards tourist guides who wish to add a new language in their license will be carried out.


Exam Place                        Exam Dates

Ankara High School                  03-07 September 2018

(Hacettepe Neigh. Turkocagi St. No:1 Altindag/ANKARA)


*For those who will take language addition and placement examinations;

-Foreign Language Oral

-Foreign Language Written


1- Guides who want to add a language

Application form

 Exam fee bank receipt

 2 photographs

 Photocopy of the identity card

2- Students or graduates of Guidance Department

Application form

 Exam fee bank receipt

 2 photographs

Graduation or student certificate (with the stamp of true copy of the original) *Documents taken from e-state are valid.

Photocopy of the identity card


The candidates who want to take the Language Addition Exam and Foreign Language Placement Exam are required to fill in the examination application form which they will get from the web site of the Union (www.tureb.org.tr) and apply TUREB in person or via mail together with the documentation needed for the application between 2 July and 3 August 2018. 


  • As the fee of Foreign Language Placement and Language Addition Examination, 280,00 TRY will be placed in Halkbankasi Official Collection Account of Union of Turkish Tourist Guides' Chambers and 4 TRY of expense will be taken from placements inside the bank branch.
  • Our guides who will take the Language Addition Exam can pay through RBS by credit card (as a lump sum).
  • Our candidates who will take the Placement Exam,

can pay with credit cards through https://rehber.tureb.org.tr/publicbasvuru link (as a lump sum).

Receipts are not given for the payments through virtual pos and your payments are checked through RBS. It is enough to state the payments through virtual pos on the application form.

 (Separate fees will be placed for each language which the exam will be taken. The fees placed for the exams will not be returned even if the exam is not participated. )



As a requirement of the legislation, a separate commission must be formed for each language. However, some difficulties are faced in formation of the commissions sometimes. Therefore, commissions will be formed, and exams will be realized in the case that at least 5 applications for the language are made for Language Addition Exam and Language Placement Exam. Besides, in the language applications less than 5 people, if a commission can be formed, with the initiative of the Board the language exam will be realized. After the applications are completed, the applicants of languages in which couldn’t exceed 5 applications and a commission cannot be formed, will be informed; in the case that the exam cannot be realized, the fees of these applicants will be returned.

NOTE: Exam program and place will be announced on the web site of the Union later.