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Great Offensive Cycling Tour2017

Great Offensive Cycling Tour organized by Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) is organized to commemorate our martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice and to taste the history and natural richness of the geography we live in.




The Great Offensive is a battle with a number of unique features in history as well as being the basis of the Republic of Turkey. At this speed, taking such a distance by fighting, saving the country from the occupation at this speed, being able to get exact and definite results in such a short time, in the history of a country and society turning point features has given it a unique qualification in consequence. Our organization is established completely on the basis of VOLUNTARINESS. EVERYONE who can feel and live this purpose in his mind and heart and wants to sustain can participate. The organization will start from Afyon-Kocatepe on August 26, 2017 and will last 15 days and 15 stages and will be finishes on September 09, 2017 at İzmir-Konak-Government Square. The route was arranged to be there at the same day and hour, whichever day and time our army was at war time. The aim is to be able to feel the atmosphere of those days, to live the same excitement. Along the route, places of forgotten stories, unknown, unexplained events will be passed and martyrdom and martyrs graves left unprotected will be visited. The organization is established as 15 stages in 15 days and will last about 900 km. There is no obligation to attend the organization for 15 days. Someone can participate in any stage or stage he/she wants.

Great Offensive Cycling Tour 2017 program is in the documents.

After downloading from documents and filled in Great Offensive Cycling Tour Registration form you have to send it to info@tureb.org.tr