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2017 Summer Training Trip

Dear Participants,

In the lists on the link sent to you by e-mail and SMS, two presentations subjects assigned for your names. We believe that actively participating in your education by preparing for these subjects will provide you great benefits before you step into the profession. By reaching an agreement with your instructors, we anticipate that you will pass on these topics to your friends when time and place come. For this purpose, please prepare about 20-30 minutes narration on the topics you are assigned.

We will also ask you to submit these presentations to your instructors in written form at least 3-4 pages A4 size.

In order to remove the time lost in the mass entrances to the museum and ruins we advise them take Museum Cards with them if the participants have if not provide them.

 Information link about program details and presentation subjects sent to your e-mail addresses and cell phones as SMS.

We already wish all participants to a successful and enjoyable educational tour.