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Language Exam Applications

According to the 3rd article item (r) titled definitions of the Vocational Law prepared by our Union in accordance with the Vocational Law for Tourist Guides numbered 6326, According to Article 18 titled "Foreign Language Placement Examination" for tourism guidance students and graduates and, "Language Adding Exam" will be conducted for tourist guides who want to add a new language to their license.


Province of examination                               Dates of Examination

     Ankara                                                         19-23 June 2017


* For participants of the language adding and placement test;

-Foreign language oral examination

-Foreign language written examination


1- Guides who want to add language

            Application form

            Examination fee bank receipt

            2 photos

Copy of working card

            Copy of identity card 

2-Graduates of Tourism Guidance Department or students

Application form

Examination fee bank receipt

2 photos

Graduation or certificate of education (certified as authentic)

Copy of identity card


Candidates who will take the Language Adding Exam and Foreign Language Placement Exam will fill the examination application form to be provided from the web page of the Union (www.tureb.org.tr) and should apply by sending it to the TUREB personally or via postal route with the documents needed for application between April 05 and May 26, .


Tourist Guides Association's Halkbank Corporate Collections Account Foreign Language Placement Examination and Language Addition Examination fee to be deposited as 280,00 TL (two hundred eighty Turkish Liras) The bank will charge a fee of 4 TL for depositing the account from the branch. EFT-Money transfer from other banks will not be possible.

(Fees will be paid separately for each language exam will be entered. The fees paid for the examinations will not be refunded, even if the exam is not entered.)       


In accordance with the legislation, a separate commission must be established for another language. However, some times when establishing commissions you get into difficulties. This is why a commission is being constituted if at least 5 people apply for a Language Adding Examination and a Foreign Language Placement Examination. After the applications are completed in case it is below the specified number or could not establish a commission, information will be given to those who applied to language groups, if the examination cannot be realized fees will be refunded to the candidates.

NOTE: The exam schedule and place will be announced later on the web page of the Union.