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Happy Mother’s Day

We all know very well that one day in a year is neither enough to remember a mother, nor love and respect presentations can retribute a lifetime. For each child who found life from hers; let alone a lifetime, even one day is unthinkable without her. Even they are not in our lives, they live with and for us in our hearts and minds.

They work hard to raise their children good and right, and provide values for them to be with good moral values, while establishing and protecting the order, union, love bonds of the family for a lifetime. They spend their lives for their children to be self-sustained, to put up struggles without going down. There is not any sacrifice they won’t do or consider doing for their children. Continuous love, respect to our mothers is primary duty, meaning and beauty of our lives.

While we remember one of the most beautiful sayings of Anatolian people ‘There is no love like a mother’s’, we bow in front of all mothers with love and respect on this very special day.