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Illegal Tours Inviting Tragedy

President of the Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) Ahmet Zeki Apalı emphasized that such tours should be arranged by a travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, stating that leaving domestic tourism to inexperienced, uncontrolled people is an invitation to accident. 

Duties On Behalf Of the Public

Stating that there is a significant increase in domestic tours during the summer months, Apalı stated that TUREB, acting on behalf of the public, is increasing the audits to identify the shortcomings in the organizations and to prevent illegal practices. Apalı underlined that the Ministry of Transport should enforce the rule of not to move before 06:00 with a single driver on one day trips and that there should be at least one tour guide having a time card issued by TUREB.

Guide, the Most Important Safety Element

Apalı stated that it is a legal obligation to have a certified guide in a tour, the guide does vital controls such as tour program, route, stopover, accommodation facilities, whether the touring vehicle has adequate security, fatigue and reflexes of the driver are normal. Saying that they have observed numerous illegal guides and tours in their audits, Apalı pointed out that an agency operating a high school excursion in Hatay has assigned an illegal Iranian university student and stressed that disobeying the rules is accompanied by catastrophic news. Apalı stressed that human life and life safety are their top priorities.

Source: www.milliyet.com.tr